Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TBPS Adopts Kaplan Elementary School

This is Kaplan Elementary School (KES) in Kaplan, LA before the August 13th storm hit the area. 
This was the entrance to KES when the storm was over. Eight to twelve inches of water flooded the halls/rooms of KES the weekend before school was to open.

Thatcher Brook Primary School heard about the flooding in LA just two weeks short of the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Irene. It brought back many memories of the flooding here in Waterbury but also of the hundreds of volunteers who came to help cleanup. We decided that we wanted to do something to support the KES Pirates and decided to "adopt" them. At our first All School Share earlier this month we introduced students to KES and its plight and make the decision to be their "champion." Our mascot Thatcher the Eagle has become an honorary Pirate to support the KES Pirates. He has donned a pirate hat and an eyepatch fully embracing the KES spirit! 
More to follow on our partnership with Kaplan Elementary School.