Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Letter from Superintendent to TBPS Staff

Dear Thatcher Brook Staff:

I am writing to express to you a very big CONGRATULATIONS! As the superintendent of schools for such a large supervisory union, I never get the opportunity to visit classrooms and experience directly the skilled instruction our students receive. I do hear all about instruction though, through your building administrators, our work at the admin team, and Sheila. I know how very hard you have been working as a faculty to bring consistency, coherence, and strong, targeted intervention to your already solid teaching practices. Well, it certainly shows and speaks volumes in your SBAC results. Normally, I would not have a really strong opinion about a single year of data. As you probably have heard me say before, assessment data needs to be longitudinal to be stable. That being said, a school of your size with the results that you were able to achieve in BOTH language arts and math on the SBAC, with a scaled score spread as large as yours, is no fluke.

You should be extremely proud of results that show both 3rd and 4th graders at TBPS scoring higher than the state average and all other schools in the WWSU by more than a few scaled points in BOTH language arts and math. Hats off to you. And..."take that NCLB and corrective action!" 

Keep up the great work! I am extremely proud of the hard, ongoing work you do towards continuous improvement. I am also thanking you on behalf of your students:)

Best regards,