Friday, September 25, 2015

FYIs 9-25-2015

Next Week:

  • Tuesday, September 29 @ 5:30 Kindergarten Open House
  • Friday, October 2 @ 1:45 All School Share
Baitz’s Blast:
  • Hiking in PE
  • We will be hiking in PE for the next 2 weeks. Single classes are going to the woods behind the school and learning about following marked trails.
  • Double classes are doing a longer hike walk along the Community Path. Hiking and walking are great lifetime physical activities.
Parent Volunteers Needed:
  • Would you like to explore a nature topic with your child's class?  This year, TBPS PTO is working with the Four Winds Nature Institute to offer parent workshops on interesting nature lessons, that in turn parents offer that same lesson outside to our students.  We are hoping for 6 lessons per class, and are hoping for 2-4 parents per class to share in this load (maybe you could lead from 2 lessons or all 6, depends on your availability).  
  • If you want to learn more or want to sign up to be your child's Four Winds parent volunteer, please email Dana Hudson at or call at (802) 233-1274.  
  • We hope to get the lessons started in November.  Also, this is a great way for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends to help out too.  So please think of who you know that might like to volunteer in our classrooms. Thanks!
Save the Stamps:

  • Shaws Supermarket is running their Cuisinart Stamp Saver program again, and this time you can earn points for cutting boards, flatware, and kitchen utensils.  
  • If you do not use their stamps, please consider dropping them off at the school office.  The school is trying to stock a schoolwide cooking cart for in-class cooking lessons.  We could use all the stamps we can get!!!