Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter!  We had an eventful December filled with many school wide and community events.  Our annual cultural study this year focused on Russia.  Our students learned about Russian culture, created beautiful works of art, learned some Russian words and even enjoyed a Russian themed lunch from our cafeteria.  As new principals, this was an amazing learning opportunity that not only involved our school community but the community at large.  We also watched as our students created lanterns for the annual Lantern Parade, which had an underwater theme this year.  Seeing these wonderful events begin in the school and culminate in the community is a testament to the level of involvement from parents and speaks to the support that exists from the community at large.  As the winter temperatures continue to change we have had to get creative about recesses.  The students have been troopers around the many adjustments we have had to make regarding recesses recently due to cold temperatures as well as icy conditions on our playground.  We hope more snow will fall soon to provide a safer turf for our students to get out and enjoy the winter air.